Reliable Radios

We are in the market for new “RELIABLE” 2 way radios. The radios are used to communicate between our Service Dept., Sales Dept., and Office. We currently are using TriSquare eXRS and find that they don’t hold a charge and they don’t always come across all radios even though everyone is on the same channel.

Currently comparing the Olympia P324R and the Kenwood ProTalk XLS (TK-3230). Can anyone give me pros and cons to these radios.

They are used in metal buildings and outside, the terrain is pretty much flat with just metal buildings and Agriculture equipment to interfere.

Unless you have or apply for a business frequency for your radios, you may want to consider the Motorola DTR series. They operate on the same unlicenced 900mHz band as the TriSquare (although each brand uses its own proprietary frequency-hopping algorithm and can’t talk to each other.)

The Motorolas are an industrial-grade business-class radio and should be much more durable and reliable than the TriSquare consumer-class radios.

Compare the sound samples on the host website and see which ones you like the best.

One advantage of a pure digital radio like the DTR is that you can program office, sales and service as their own call group and you can call everyone or just independently call any one group (or any one individual radio.) Sales can talk directly to the office, for example, without disturbing service.

Actually, I just visited your site and saw the aerial photo of your location. The Kenwood TK3230 would be a good choice. If you are going to be using them in and around the buildings on the lot, UHF is the way to go.

The Motorola CLS1410 is a popular choice with our customers who operate car dealerships, primarily because it is small, lightweight and easy to carry around on the lot.

Both Kenwood and Motorola are currently offering rebate promotions on these radios so now is a good time to buy.