Relay or repeater?

Anyone know if radio relays are legal in Canada for GMRS?

I think repeaters are not legal for use here.

But i think basic relays are perfectly fine.

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Why wouldn’t repeaters be legal to use in Canada?

Mostly because GMRS radios in Canada are limited to 2-watts of power, and most repeaters are much higher power. Some business radios - especially in more remote areas - use the same frequencies as GMRS radios.

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Ok, so technically I’m thinking that if we use a cheap Chinese repeater box with 2 radios, one on ch2 and another on ch9 both with 2W transmission power, should be legal to use.

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Gmrs repeaters are 5MHz splits aren’t they? The small cavities the Retevis type of repeaters have struggle with less than 10, needing careful tweaking and then no bumping!

Going to give it a try. We are trying to set up a small link to reach a camp.

Sadly we dont have cell services where i live.

A strategically placed relay will give us what we need with under 2W .

We live far enough back in the woods that we never hear anything on the FRS channels.

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