Regarding troubleshooting two way radio

Hi everyone,

My name is chri$ and I’m new. I interest on the electronic communications. In this moment, I study the troubleshooting skills and two way radios. So if they are technicians who repair two way radios, I’d like to have a few advice. (For exemple more common hardware problem of two way radios)

The first thing you would need would be a good service monitor.

A true 50 ohm dummy load.

A Bird Watt Meter with the proper slugs.

A silly scope to do some diagnostics.

Most all new two way radios uses some type of surface mount technology - where human hands never touches the board, other then to maybe soldier the last connections of the board to the SO connector and some simple assembly that it is cheaper to pay someone to do then to use a robot machine.

The days of being able to take something apart, diagnose the problem, repair / replace the faulty component and put it back together with just simple hand-tools and a ohm meter and soldering iron are pretty much over.

I would suggest some type of two year trade school or college courses in Electronics. There are no user serviceable parts inside new radios anymore.

Hi, thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
The dummy load in order to simulate an antenna.
And regarding the source monitor. It’s used for the digital part ?

Another question. There are problems about flashing two way radio too ?


I guess it all depends what type of work you want to get into. I agree with the earlier post that most of the radio gear now hard to work on (just like cars). However I will offer you this advice. If you are serious about learning engineers takes classes that cover circuit design, radio communications, and you can even take classes that deal directly with communications. I have a 4 year degree in electrical engineering and while I work on software I have many friends that deal with circuit design and this is an excellent way to get into the field.

My other suggestion is simply to start taking things apart lol, I still work on portables on and off for fun. I deal typically in Motorola’s and you can always pick some of them up on ebay fairly cheap in various stages and the internet is a huge resource for information on basic circuit design and understanding.

So best of luck!

Thanks for your advice ttp :). Since July, I have learnt two way radio components, an exemple, the oscillator its function… Take classes in a good idea. But I’d rather learnt in work.

I believe you have to be certified by NABER to work on radios since they are certified by the FCC to meet certain specifications. There is a lot to learn and there are a lot of different radio models out there. You need a computer with the proper programming software/cable and most radios use different software/cables. It is a costly endeavor to do it right.