Ok it’s been a long time since I squeezed a microphone every night but now again I’m wanting to install a radio in my pickup. Just planning to start off simple and would like the option of moving the radio from truck to SUV when we drive it on vacation. I’m thinking a mag mount antenna for SUV and a stake mount firestick for pickup. Would a lil wil mag mount work as well as firestick if mounted on rim of truck bed? For radio I was the thinking Midland 1001z, Uniden Pro520 or Cobra 25. I’m limited on space so I don’t think I can go with a full size unit…Now, no one knows radio/antenna setups better than you all so what do you think of the choices I’ve listed or can you give me some recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

I have used a 1001z. I love that radio. The pro 520 is also very highly rated. I’ve used a lil Will also, and a Firestick Firefly. No complaints by me :slight_smile:

Everything you have mentioned will work great for you. I would, however, suggest you mount the antenna on the top center of the roof.

Mounting on the bed rim will not necessarily provide the proper counterpoise (I don’t like using the term “ground plane”) for the system. This could cause issues with tuning the antenna, as well as lead to poor performance.

You seem to have a good idea in motion. Hopefully, you will have a good working setup :slight_smile:

jwilkers, first thank you for the reply I was beginning to think I was not going to get one. The 1001z looks like a good bang for the buck for sure and I can always upgrade if I need to. I totally agree with the roof top mount the only reason I was considering the stake mount is because I park in the garage and do not have enough clearance but I could for sure mount it there when I travel. Again thank you for your time to reply to my post!!

You are welcome. Actually, I figured you wanted that mounting location, due to garage issues :slight_smile: Been there, done that.