Recommendations for replacing old BC130s?

I am looking to replace a couple old BC130s (UHF) which worked fine, but are hard to come by. I searched eBay for used and got scammed on several non-functioning units. So I'm shopping for a set of 10 new radios. A fresh clean, working start.

I am currently awaiting a quote from my local BearCom office for 10 BC130s with 10 chargers. Is there any other model/brand I should be considering?

My usage is local, less than 1 mile, mostly indoors at large arena/expo venues. My primary concern is clarity, volume, and signal strength. Later I will add ear-pieces with mics (ideally with button, not voice-operated).

edit: I should point out, I like the old BC130s because of their simplicity. A channel dial and volume dial, a talk button and nothing else. This is all that's needed for our work crew.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

There are lot of really good choices. Are you using your own business frequencies or itinerant business frequencies, or are you looking for licence-free UHF radios? If licence-free and you are in Canada or the U.S., it is hard to beat the clarity, volume, range and simplicity of the Motorola DLR radios. (Expensive, but worth it.)

I am in USA. I understand that frequencies are controlled - somehow. I don’t own any frequencies. I have no license. My radios are piggy-backed on another existing company who has a relationship with a local radio dealer. So my channels match theirs.

BC130’s are just relabeled Mag One’s produced by Motorola specifically for Bearcom. From what I remember, they use normal Mag One CPS for programming.

In terms of cost…I remember almost never working on the radios even though my previous employer sold tens of thousands of them for one simple reason…my shop rates were $150 per hour with a $75 diagnosis fee. Since we had a 1 hr minimum on repairs…I couldn’t fix the radios cheaper than we could just sell new ones.

As far as replacements go, nearly any UHF analog radio will work. If you want something that is the same size, look at offerings from Kenwood, Motorola (through the Vertex EVX-S24) or Maxon (whom BTWR is not a dealer of though I wish they were).

Unfortunately, your radios are causing interference with a company who legally owns those frequencies. We cannot help you further. It is not just illegal. If those frequencies you are using happen to be public safety frequencies, you are not just causing interference but you may be blocking critical calls.

Your choices right now include paying for your own assigned business frequencies; using FRS radios (and living with calls from every kid and drive-through in a half-mile radius; or looking at licence-free options.

Frankly, I cannot fathom how a large arena/expo event would be so quick to circumvent the law. All it takes is one compliant, and the FCC fines are quite heavy. (Plus the bad publicity of course.)

Thank you for the insights. I appreciate the info and options provided already.

Please email me I maybe able to help!

Hi NC700. Email on its way. Thank you.

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