Recommendations for Canada?

Hello people,

We’re in Canada, which means that we can legally use GMRS radios with up to 2W transmitting power without a license (but not MURS yet).

With that in mind, I would like to ask for recommendations for 2-way radios to take on family hikes and camping trips.


  • Range.
    We’re talking forests and uneven terrain (think “boulders”). I don’t expect miracles, but obviously some sets can do better than others.

  • Voice clarity, particularly near the reception limits.
    Typical conversation goes like this:
    Me: Kids, you’re too far away, come back
    They: What???
    Me: Come back
    They: What???
    Me: C-O-M-E B-A-CK !!!
    They: What???

  • Durability.
    Every radio that I owned eventually gets dropped from 1m onto a hard surface.

  • Batteries.
    LiIon are good but the ability to put in a set of AAs or AAAs in an emergency is even better.

  • Size, weight, etc.
    Something that a 6yo can handle without whining.

  • Price.
    Have to be able to justify it to the missus.

Thank you in advance!

As I understand it, no, you cannot automatically use US GMRS radios legally in canada. They have a seperate set of certification rules, and radios in Canada must be certified by the Canadian radio authorities for their equivilent service. Some US FRS/GMRS radios are, some are not.

There should be a Canadian equipment ID on them if they’re permitted, I expect.

Not really relevant since if a particular, highly recommended, model is not sold in Canada, I can search for a similar model that is.

Just post your recommendations and let me do the rest of the research.