I am looking for details to choose the right two way radios for my business. This is a spa business

I have 6 employees that will soon expand to 8 and eventually even more so the system must be able to handle adding more radios as we grow.

I am in an interior office building and have just under 5000 sq feet all on one floor.

I see lots of options to handle this. Here are my particular communication needs that I’m getting confused about choosing the right system to do all of this.

  1. I need each radio to be able to communicate with all the others as a GROUP a “all call” or “announcement” if someone needs help we can use the radios to let everyone know so anyone available can respond.

  2. I need to be able to communicate directly with one person without sending a broadcast message to everyone.

  3. I need to be able to private a radio from receiving broadcast calls to the entire group when someone is tied up doing a treatment they can turn their radio to a setting that would let incoming direct calls come in but not group calls.

I want simple and easy, not something everyone has to figure out. Push a button to talk to the group, push something else to talk to one person in the group and not everyone.

Does that option exist?

I sent you a PM.

The facilities you want are available, but just be aware that it needs everyone to be able to actually understand and work the radios. The trickiest to achieve is to knock out one radio - the technology is not hard to do it, but the discipline needed to make sure that the person switches themselves out is easy to mess up, and once you start doing remote muting, you start to require radio heirachy - as in somebody in charge to control things. I have to say that this could be pretty tough for your staff to get right. Whenever I work with cleverer than normal systems at events, we ALWAYS lose people because they have forgotten to change their status, or perhaps even set the wrong ones, then it goes astray when two people sit down for a coffee, then pick up each others radio - it can be a nightmare to the person pressing the button to bust out of John’s radio only, to discover it seems to appear from James, and radio 6, that you excluded from all calls is actually in the possession of the radio 5 person. When your display says radio 2 calling in the display and you can hear a different voice, you really lose your trust in it working. It might just be too complicated for the people. Radio enthusiasts would cope brilliantly - spa staff could be totally panicked by it?

Maybe a much less complex system would be better - one channel that opens every radio on say channel 1 - then have one channel for each radio in the system - so you call for the person in spa 2 to go to channel 5, and then you both switch to 5 - that should be simple enough.

I find many people find the requirement to press the PTT to speak is pretty hard.