recommendation on FRS only radio

I’m not interested in paying $85 for the GMRS service and am looking for a good FRS only radio. Can you recommend one? Thanks.

Most GMRS radios are “dual service” radios and can be used unlicensed as FRS radios as long as you stay on channels 1-14 and put the radio in low power mode. If you use channels 8-14, you don’t even have to worry about the power as these channels are FRS only and the radio will automaticaly switch to low power mode.

For an FRS only radio, I would recommend the Motorola SX900R or the Midland LXT460VP3. Both are very good radios, are small, and have a good feature set that includes privacy codes (not found on some lower end models).

Some radios, such as the new Motorolas will NOT go into low power mode on channels 1-7. As such they are GMRS-only, and need a license.

I’d only recommend 8-14 for FRS only use.