Recharging Radios Off The Grid

Hi, very new here, I’d like to purchase a pair of better 2-way radios for my bug out bag. Most of the higher end radios such as Baofeng and others with UHF/vhf/ham capabilities (which I’d like to purchase) come with rechargeable battery pack. What good is this if there’s no power to plug in your charger and you’re on foot without a cigarette socket or a 110 outlet built into the nearest tree. I would love some advice on one of these better radios other than the UV5r or 3 series which have an available AA battery case add-on. Is there a solar charger for NiMh or Li-ion batteries that seem to come standard with every decent radio? Or perhaps someone can share another way to charge these in a real emergency. I’ve looked everywhere for a solution. I’ve even thought of inventing folding solar panels with a 12v cigarette lighter socket built in rather than all those USB ports they come with. A radio I like comes with the 12v lighter charger but cannot take AA batteries, which I can carry lots of in the bug out bag and will last far beyond the exhausted rechargeable battery that’s on the radio. I like the Baofeng GT3 or GT5 but again, useless without a grid-down charging solution or AA battery adaptation. Thanks kindly :slight_smile: Skip

Hi, I heard of solar power battery ,but never use it.I usually use AA batteries for my FLOUREON 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2 way radio,maybe I wanna try to use solar power battery instead of AA batteries next time .