Recharging Eneloop in Motorola Talkabout

Hello everyone,

The Motorola Talkabout MT351R has a NiMH 3.6V battery pack shaped like 3 AA batteries but only has two contact points. The battery doesn’t seem to last very long and I’m wondering if it is safe to replace it permanently with Eneloops or other similar NiMH AAs. The radio is able to recharge the factory battery pack inside the unit. Will it safely recharge the Eneloop as well?

Apologies if this has been addressed before. I tried using the search to no avail.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

YES you can! :slight_smile:

I use them on all my Motorola radios. Take 3 Eneloops, tape them together, alternating their polarity ( +, -, + ). I like to use mailing tape, as it is exactly as wide as a AA is long. Use copper wire (must be thin so it can fit) or thickly folded aluminum foil (what I use) to bridge them in series ( if you look at the rechargeable pack this should be apparent where they go ). Finally, tape over your series connections, leaving the appropriate positive and negative corners exposed. Pop it in and it will work just fine. They charge just like the originals as well, but boy do they last longer!

Thank you so much!!! I will give this a try!

Sorry to open an old thread, but I had this question as well. If the batteries are already connected in series via the radio’s AA series connection points, why must you tape/wire/bypass to make the 3 NIMH AA’s look and act like a battery pack?

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If the batteries are in contact with all the series points in-between, the radio will treat them as if they were alkaline and will not charge them. There is some passive circuitry at work to ensure that nobody plugs a USB cable in, charges non-rechargeable batteries and causes damage to the batteries, the radio, or both, and thus the tape and conductive bridge are required.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

(I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I last responded to this thread)

Ah! That’s makes sense it’s a safety feature. Definitely going to do this mod with 3x 2200mah NIMH AA’s! Thanks so much.

Another random question, do you know if they ever released a desktop charger for Motorola T400 series radios? I have a few T465s that I’d love keep on while charging at my parent’s / in-law’s house in case I need to contact them in an emergency when the power goes out.

Thanks again for responding to an old post!

I honestly don’t know. It SEEMS like I have seen pictures of one somewhere, but that isn’t reliable :wink: . Keep in mind that if you found one, and are using eneloops, you would need to fashion the appropriate leads into your own makeshift battery pack to connect with the contact points on the battery lid. The OEM battery packs have these and I think that is why they exist. Then again, it’s been awhile since I actually opened one of my Talkabouts because they are all battery modded too, so you might want to look at that.

Actually, ‘talkabout desktop charger’ in Google pulled up the “Motorola PMLN7711AR”

EDIT- Nevermind.
It only works with the newer T800s and T470, etc. models though. (T470 has the same chassis at the T800 but no Bluetooth)

FURTHER EDIT- I am even more confused. lists the T600 range as compatible too…

I have a lot of experience with AA rechargeable. eneloop and many others AA are 1.2 volts. Most all on the market rechargeable are 1.2 volts some better than others. The real issues is what is the radios real operating requirements. Then it comes down to what is your batteries amps. Low amps equal less working time in any radio. Transmit often and it get a lot less.

In photo you see two version of the eneloop’s and the new Li-po rechargeable. The eneloops have poor lasting power. moreover, they are not enough voltage. The new LI-po AA and AAA rechargeable all have high mWh ratings.

I have a set of MidlandGTX1000 and a KG935G with a extra battery pack using the Li-po’s I am very happy and is worth the extra cost. The Li-po are not in the major markets yet. They are designed for a special charger. so fully charged then in the stock radio charger port is not recommended. But I have tried it and it works. The deleePow are amazing. they power drain is concsten till the very end, then bang there dead and need recharging.