Receive problem in an IC-730

I have an Icon IC-730 transcever. I have a hunk of RG58U running out my bedroom window from the IC-730. There is about 75’ of wire connected to the center conductor and the wire is thrown over a tall tree and tied off to a fence post with nylon cord. The shield of the coax is floating. The radio acts like there is no antenna connected to it on receive. I plain on putting up a better antenna when funds are available. How do I fix this one to get the receive working?


If you can, put about 75’ of wire to the shield.

You should be hearing something, so, I have to think your antenna isn’t making connection to the radio. Where is it ‘open’? Beats me, start looking.

The transmitter works fine. full 100 watts into my dummy load, modulation is fine on both side bands and am. I have a Icom IC-R3 ht. I can hear the modulation on the IC-R3. All I hear on the IC-730 receive is static unless the test transmitter is almost on top of the IC-730 with the wire antenna connected. I had my room mate sit in the radio shack and listen to the IC-730 on 10 meters while I transmitted on my RCI-2950 in the mobile parked in my parking space. The RST was barely under 2 by 2. I also did a 10 meter QSO with a local station from the mobile while my room mate was listening on the IC-730. He barely heard me but not the station across town.

PS: I did check the center conductor on the coax. It is fine.