Realistic trc-226

Anyone know how to fix the “RF out” on the walkie talkie?
I have two & one works fine but the second doesn’t seem to be able to send but receives fine?

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Is the antenna connector loose?? – Im wondering if you try to transmit can a radio CLOSE BY hear it? (That would signify LOW power resulting maybe from an antanna connector that wasnt working right)

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Thanks for a prompt reply. I took the trc-226 casing apart & visually inspected the antenna area for a loose connection .everything thing looked normal. When I hold both sets fairly close & try to transmit through the one with the issue , the second one can hear a can in static also the signal bar indicator shows 3 bars out of 10 but when I move away ( 6-7 ft ) the bar drops of to nothing. Idk if this is any insight value with my issue?
Again . I appreciate any input regarding my trouble.

sounds like the final output transistor may be blown, and the radio is just transmitting via the driver transistor. That’s my guess, if all the connections look good.

Thanks ,all replies appreciated.

This is a bit like telephoning the doctor for a diagnosis on what’s causing your cough? Output stage died. dry joint. power supply to output stage failure. unstable tuned circuit. Component failure.

Some a ten second fix, some an order expensive parts and hope it works cure. Some more likely than others, but you need hands on to diagnose it properly.

Ya I was just gonna add another reply and say this is what I think it is… :frowning:

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Great minds think alike :slight_smile:
I actually had the same problem on an amateur transceiver I once owned. I just overworked it I guess :frowning:

Please check the button is intact or not,then the antenna. If conditions permit,change them separately to determine the cause of issue.And if you have a good habit of using walkie talkie.Never press the button for a long time, that will shorten its service life.If it still doesn’t work,then maybe you need to send it to repair shop.

Ah Im so sorry buddy,I hope you got her working again ok :slight_smile:

Nope… ended up tossing it.