Re: Is it possble to have a table top microphone connected to my talkbacks (MT352R)

i would like a table top Microphone connected to my motorola talkabout walkitalki (MT352R) something like this;

Is it possible ? if it is then how could we have the suitable cables for such connection?
the cables should contain the signal of PTT, which tells the set to send the voice through the unit if i am right. Please Advice me about it sooner

Hi, the type of microphone you linked is designed for use in audio booths and control rooms in recording studios. The listing isn’t specific but from what I read it sounds like it has an XLR connector. It did say it uses phantom power, which tells me it probably is an XLR connector. Your Motorola Talkabout is not capable of providing phantom power to any device, so this would definitely not work with your radio.

What you may actually be searching for is a desktop micropone typically used with two way radio base stations. the Motorola Talkabout radios use an audio accessory connector that is somewhat proprietary to Motorola. There are many types and styles of audio connectors for the various makes and models of portable handheld walkie talkies and locating an adapter to convert from one connector to another, such as from a Motorola to a Kenwood or from a Kenwood to a Midland, is going to be extremely difficult, if not impossible to find.

Thanks a lot for your reply
Let me re-phrase the case now:
Which piece of Radio which is compatible with the TalkAbout and could be connected to desktop mic. base ?

thanks for your help

The accessory socket on these can have a headset connected, but it only works on Vox - no press to talk, so have an experiment - find a connector that fits - and as it also has the ability to drive a speaker, the connection for the speaker and mic will share the sleeve, and use the tip or ring for speaker or mic connection. I’m assuming it’s a normal mini-jack, but I can’t see a picture to check for you. Assuming it is, find out which connection drives a speaker, then use the other to connect a dynamic mic - I suggest you try any old handheld dynamic first to find out if there is enough gain. If there is, then but a desk type dynamic mic and away you go. You just need to solder on a suitable plug!

Hi Paul,

I have earlier tried doing the similar connections as you mentioned but it seems to be not working. So i need to know of any Radio talkbacks which is compatible with table mic and also able to have the same frequencies as the other radios to work together.

First, the disclaimer:

This depends somewhat on whether or not you are in the US. The Motorola Talkabout MT352 is an FRS/GMRS portable handheld “walkie talkie”. It uses frequencies that are reserved for the FRS and GMRS radio services in the US. Our use of these radios fall under Part 95 of the FCC rules. Some other countries requlate the use of these frequencies under different rules, which may vary. Since we are based in the US, my response will be based on the FCC rules. If you are outside the US, you will need to consult with the agency that governs the radio communications in your country.

Having said all of that, the Motorola Talkabout MT352 uses frequencies listed on the chart in this link.

The Talkabout is designed specifically for use as a portable handheld radio, so it does not accept a desktop microphone. If you want to use a desktop mic to communicate with these radios, you will need to use a UHF mobile or base station radio that is approved for use on the same frequencies, program the radio for those frequencies and use it to talk with the Motorola MT352 radios.

The reason for the disclaimer is because in the US, there are power and antenna restrictions that prevent FRS frequencies from being used legally on mobile or base station radios, and they need to be FCC Part 95 type accepted for use on GMRS frequencies. These rules will be different in other countries and in some regions they may not apply at all. You will need to check first.

From a completely technical perspective, all you need is a UHF mobile or base station radio that uses the same frequencies used by the Motorola Talkabout MT352 radios and will accept a desktop microphone. Program the frequencies (plus any interference eliminator codes, if applicable) into it, and you are done.

There are a lot of mobile and base station radios available on the market worldwide that will work on the same FM UHF band as the Talkabouts and there are a lot of desktop PTT microphones that will connect to them.

However, plugging a dektop microphone directly into a handheld Talkabout walkie talkie isn’t likely to work and isn’t even practical, as these radios were not designed to be base stations. They were designed strictly for use as handheld radios, hence the name “Talkabout”. I hope that helps.

Is there a restriction on microphones in the states? How bizarre? We actually had a ban on external antenna connections on our free to use equipment, but that has now been superseded by a simple power limitation. Using a vox headset on those radios is possible - so a desk mic, headset mic, or clip on mic would surely all be legal?

Dynamic mics simply don’t have the kind of level that condensers have nowadays, but the connection isn’t hard!

I think you misunderstood my post. I wasn’t talking about restrictions on the use of microphones at all. I was referring to the restrictions on the use of mobile and base station radios on FRS/GMRS frequencies used by the Motorola radios he mentioned. I was attempting to explain to the OP a better way to use a desktop microphone with a two way radio to communicate with his Motorola handheld units.

In short, a desktop mic isn’t designed to connect with a walkie talkie, it’s designed for use with a base station. Is it possible to rig one to an MT352? with the right wiring, parts and a lot of work, probably. However, unless you are just doing it simply for kicks or out of sheer boredom, it doesn’t make any sense.

Instead of trying to wire a desktop mic directly to a walkie talkie, why not just connect it to a mobile or base station instead, one that has the connector for a desktop mic and can be programmed to talk with the Motorola Talkabouts? There are a lot of them out there and the time, expense and effort needed to figure out how to interface two devices that weren’t meant for each other could be better invested in a good base or mobile radio that will talk with the Talkabouts, and would make a heck of a lot more sense.

Rick - gotcha, but surely one plug isn’t over complicating things? I just assumed he wanted to sit at a desk and chat on it without having to physically hold it. I regularly use one portable radio, that sits in it’s charger, and I use a hand held lightweight mic. The battery stays charged and it’s more convenient than picking the **** thing up to say “yes” then trying to find the charger in the dark?

If that is the case, then all he needs is to do is plug in a speaker microphone like this one. There are a lot of speaker mics available, including the one in the link, that will work with his radios.

However, that wasn’t his question. I was merely responding based on the specific parameters of his post:

i would like a table top Microphone connected to my motorola talkabout walkitalki (MT352R) something like this; (I saw the original image before it was removed).

He later clarified what he wanted to accomplish:
Which piece of Radio which is compatible with the TalkAbout and could be connected to desktop mic. base ? (translated: what type of radio that can communicate with the MT352 will accept a desktop microphone with a base?)

This is what my second response was based on, hence the disclaimer regarding the use of an approved mobile or base station that would be compatible with his FRS/GMRS radios.

Thank you Rick and Paul for the great response.

@Paul, please if you are aware of any and can suggest me any model of a Talkabout radio or any base station as you mentioned which can communicate with the MOTOROLLA Talkabouts and can be connected to a desktop mic base to make it easier for me.

Thank you