re: a problem with a Kenwood tm-733a

1st off the 70cm side of the house works 100% in both RX and TX. The coax (rg-58u) is new, there is less then 1.5 to 1 swr on both 2 meters and 70cm on the dual band j-pole antenna. I checked the swr with a Radio Shack HTX-420 dual band ht that works fine. The RX on the 2 meter side works fine except for the combo s meter/power meter. With the squelch up enough to kill the noize and nothing on the frequency (not even a berdie) the s meter stays at 3/4 to full scale (the s meter doesn’t move when I change frequencies). I don’t know if this problem is connected with the 2 meter power out problem. I think the 2 meter pa chip needs to be replace. When I 1st turn the rig on cold the 2 meter has full power (50 watts) but after about 5 to 10 minutes (the rig still set to high power). The 2 meter power starts dropping off and levels off at around a bit under a half watt. As soon as I hit the ptt the finals cooling fan kicks on and stays on for quite a while after I unkey in both 2m and 70cm. The s meter/power meter problem is just a nuance problem. The 2 meter power fall off is more importen. Am I on the right track about replacing the 2 meter pa chip?


The power unit is defective. The SAV-17 power unit develops cracks from repeated cooling/heating. This part is obsolete and replaced with the Toshiba SC1091 Looking about $60 more or less for new part.