RDU4100 vs DTR410

I’m looking for an upgrade from my old, but still reliable, CLS 1110s. The RDU4100 is attractive and I think it’ll be a nice step up, but I am a little curious about 900Mhz radios.

In relatively open areas, my CLS works great, but if I’m in a warehouse or bigger building, it can leave a lot to be desired. I wonder how much better a 900Mhz radio would be in a situation like this when I need to have good communication in a bigger building or 1000+ foot warehouses.

On the other hand, I’m also on open suburban properties where I could be 1,500+ feet from other people. The CLS handles this fairly easily. I’m curious if a 900Mhz would still work in this kind of outside environment too.

In my opinion, either one would be a nice upgrade. If you look at the audio output power, both are over 1 watt. The audio output of the CLS is not stated by Motorola which leads me to believe that it is far less than 1 watt.

Audio output power could be considered much like a stereo amplifier - more power is better. Higher power leads to better readability, even at lower volume levels. They also use better speakers and are more weather resistant.

As for which one, they are designed for different purposes. The RDU operates on business frequencies that require a business licence to operate in most countries, while the DTR radios operate on unlicenced frequencies. The RDU is an analog radio, while the DTR is pure digital.

As for range, UHF will be better in buildings and urban areas anyway, so both would be suitable for your purposes.

My experience with the DTR radios is that they would easily carry 1 to 2 kilometers outdoors, depending on terrain.

The advantage of digital radios is that they are very clear regardless of range. The disadvantage is that once they are out of range, they do not transmit at all. (Before they open the channel, the radio sends out a short “handshake” signal to ensure there is at least one other radio on your channel in range.)

I would suggest that if you have a business licence and an assigned frequency, you will be happy with the RDU radios. If you don’t, then the DTRs are a great way to go.

The DTR radios have almost 1000 “channels” - which are not actual channels, but channel-hopping algorithms - to choose from, so even if they use unlicenced frequencies, they are very secure. There has been no documented instances of anyone being able to monitor a conversation on them using any kind of consumer or hobbyist scanner.

900Mhz is supposed to have better penetration through steel, concrete, etc. So that is really attractive for me. I just worry that outside of buildings, the range might not be as good. The DTR is only 1 watt. Outdoor use makes me a bit skittish towards the DTR, without knowing more.

Inside, both are rated for 30 floors. Granted, the RDU is going up to 4 watts.

I’d like to say that I’d never really need them more than 2 km apart.

Although, I realized today that sometimes we have to coordinate with other companies and they’ll have their own business band radios too, which is nice. That will probably seal the deal for the RDU, even if the RTD would end up being a bit better.