Range for Motorola Talkabout MH370CR


Newbie here. Just picked up a set of 3 Talkabouts from Costco. Supposed range 37KM.

Small print on box says 2KM in built-up areas.

Testing so far in low rise (one to two-floor houses) suburbia streets gets signal breakup at less than 2 KM.

I am greatly disappointed in the range. Have tried so far a few “1 watt” channels with interference settings on (same for all sets). Have not tried 1/2 watt channels yet.

Can anyone tell me if this sort of very short range is normal for these beasts? Was looking for at least 5KM, when they (falsely) advertised 37KM!!

Would taking off the interference setting increase the range?

Any ideas appreciated.


Yes, range of 1/2 to 2 miles is normal in urban areas. that 37 kilometer (or miles, for the even bigger marketing lies) ‘range’ is, bluntly, while possible, in practical terms, a flat out marketing lie.

You would only see that kind of range if both ends of the connection are maybe 250 feet up, with nothing (hills, trees, buildings) in between.

More power doesn’t help. At UHF, you are either in line of sight, or you aren’t. If you are, 1 watt is good for 100 miles or more… of course, one end has to be in orbit (literally) for that to happen, but be sure, I’ve talked to the space shuttle with fine signals, on 2 watts, at 150 miles plus.

Range seems to be the most talked about topic for these radios due to the range clains made. I will post a link below where someone used a simplex repeater attached to a 1/2 watt HT atached to a balloon which reached high altitudes- broadcast claim was up to 500 miles - THIS WAS DUE TO LINE-OF -SIGHT transmissions- obviously not possible in cities and even on flat terrain more than a limited distance due to the curvature of the earth. Its time for these companies to own up to the realities of the actual practicality of these radios with regard to the expectations of the consumers.
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