Radios for warehouse to warehouse (2 miles)


We are in the process of moving to a new warehouse, but will continue to ship out of our old one for a year or so. We’re looking for a reliable communication source to reach from one warehouse to another that’s about 2 miles away. Both warehouses have WiFi. I’ve tried to research different options, but don’t want to waste money on something I know very little about and I’m on a bit of a deadline. I was looking at the Icom IP100H but have no idea if it would be ideal or if it works between different WiFi addresses.

We need 2 portable radios for our needs.

Any recommendations along with where to buy are greatly appreciated!

If you have a competent IT person then an IP radio solution should work fine. Not so easy if your internet connections are dynamic IP rather than static.

We had a rep for Icom come in the other day, so we’re going to do a trial run with them to see if they are the best solution.

Any other feedback is appreciated!

Hi Soup

Just come across this topic whilst browsing the forum on something else and thought I’d sign up.

Did you sort out your comms after your demo in the end of still wondering on options?.