Radios for Security Business (Door Supervison)


I recently began working on my own on an individual license, as there were no companies operating in the town I moved to and require radio equipment, as the majority of the bars do not have any equipment for communication between Door Staff and those on the bar. This means altercations can be breaking out in the bar but security are not aware until its in full swing. Needless to say, I’d much rather diffuse a situation before it begins.

I’ve only used PMR446 radios before (the UK equivalent of GMRS/FRS) in leisure pursuits. When I was working for a security company, the radios were always supplied and tuned into the frequency, usually Motorola GP300-360 series were used, but they are a bit outside of my current budget.

It comes down to either of the following:

Alan HP405
Kirisun PT3508
Puxing PX-888
Feidaxin-FDC FD-150A

I’m inclined to lean towards the Alan HP405 because its a known brand, produced by Midland/Alan and there is a vendor here in the UK for them.