Radios for School.

Hi, I am in the need for two way radios for our High School. we need about 10radios for Administrators and staff on supervision. We would use them for such things as Lockdown Driills and Firedrills as well. We need to beable to use them throughout the school and outside around the school. I have been looking at getting something like the Motorola MJ430R GMRS Two way radios. It would be nice that we could buy wall chargers so myself, and the other to administrators could have a radio in there office, and have a set in the main office. The Weatherradio is also a cool feature, as most of us will probably carry them through out the day and if a storm was apporcahing, we could be prepared for. Any suggestions would be great.

Any of these radios should have what you are looking for:

You could also use different brands if needed, all GRMS radios will work with each other. Everyone using the radios will need to get a GMRS license from the FCC.

Eventually though the school should look into upgrading to commercial grade radios since they have better battery life, range, and will last for years.

Hi, thanks for the reply. is ther anyway we could purchase one license for the school? as alot of our staff will use the radios at different times throughout the year… we have over 150 staff members. so it could add up pretty quickly.

The commercial grade radios, which would be the best? How much do they run, is there a license for them, and how far would they go. maybe it would be better in the long wrong to purchase the commercial grade radios right away as to wait and buy them later. Do the commercial grade work with the regular gmrs radios?

thanks for all the help!

You would need a GMRS license for every individual. It will probably be best to get a commercial radio license (these people can help with that: Then get some inexpensive commercial radios such as these: Commercial grade radios are much better than consumer GMRS radios, they are more reliable, the batteries last longer, and they have better range (around 2 miles). Give us a call and we might be able to give you a discount based on the number of radios needed: 1-800-584-1445. They will not be using GMRS radio frequencies.