Radios for multi-bay auto service dept.

We need to be able to reach our technicians, privately. We need them to be able to notify us that they need to talk to the Service Manager or Service Writer.

Ideally, we need a “base unit” with 8 selectable frequencies, each assigned to a button. Then we need 8 radios (rechargeable would be nice, each with its own charging stand, and which could be left on while charging). We would use one for each service bay. They should be programmable/settable to those same frequencies (each to a different one) as the base unit, but each one with a button to “call the base” when they need to speak to us.

We envision this working as: The Service Dept office has selected Technician #4 and is speaking to him when the base beeps and light #7 blinks notifying us that Technician #7 wants to communicate. We finish with #4 and push button 7 and can talk to Tech 7.

Of course, I’m just visualizing here. As long as it accomplishes the same ends, how is less important. However, we would like to have just one “base unit” for the Service Manager’s office.

Has anyone come across a system like this, or have they configured a system like this?

Many thanks.

We really don’t have a base system that will do what you are talking about…however we do have a Tri Suqare Radio (TSX-300) that I think would work for you.

We are getting them in very soon. You can call everyone on the main channel but then you can set up each tech with their own number and contact them directly with out the rest of the office hearing you. Another feature is you can send them a text message on the radio.

We have 2 sets in the office at this time and we are testing them out.

I will let you know the results.


Thanks, Frank. Would these radios each have the ability to “call base” on their own channel? If so, it sounds like it might be what we’re looking for.

Have you an MSRP or a general idea of the prices?

The “base” would just be a separate radio setup as its own contact. With the TriSquare radios, you would scroll through the contacts list and see John, Mike, Steve (fill in your employees names :slight_smile: ), and “Base” (or whatever you decide to call it). The radios are very simple to use and setup (after you setup one radio, you can “clone” it wirelessly to other units). The direct/private call functionality is definitely easier to use than similar functions on GMRS models.

How big is the area that you need to cover? In our tests, the TriSquare models don’t seem to cover nearly as big of an area as other models. Because of their features they will be great for many situations, but I don’t think I would recommend them for businesses with needing over 50,000 sq. feet of coverage.


Danny forgot the pricing. The radios we have been taking about with the text messages are the TSX-300’s. For a 2 pack with dual charger, 2 batteries, and 2 headsets will run for $139.99.