Radios for Live Music Venue

What would be the best radios to use in a nightclub with very loud music, I need them for my security team, the building two story, also we are in the flight path of an Air Force base, any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thanks, Ken.

Hi Ken, The Motorola RDU2020 could be a good choice in areas with a lot of noise. This radio has a powerful speaker with good clarity. In your case, you will probably need to use surveillance kits with earpieces that fit into the ear canal. These earpieces allow you to hear your transmissions while blocking out a lot of the noise in the room. There are a lot of surveillance earpieces that will work with the Motorolas, such as the XLT SE100-MB1 Surveillance Earpiece with PTT Mic and the Impact Platinum P2W-AT1-NC 2-Wire QD Surveillance Earpiece . The Impact is particularly suited for high noise environments as it features a noise cancelling earpiece. The RDU 2020 would need the earpiece with the M1 connector.

You can hear an audio sample of this radio and compare it to other two way radios at