Radios for hunting plese help

I am new to the site and i think it is great
I have a question i am looking into radios for deer hunting
We have had your typical talkabouts and not alot of success
I am looking inot the Motorola BPR40
What do you think of this radio for this application?
Should i go UHF or VHF?
Thanks for your hrlp

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You definitely want VHF.
Unless you plan to get a license you will need to operate on license free frequencies, such as MURS.

The BPR40 is a decent, inexpensive unit.

Would these radios be good for hunting?
Motorola TALKABOUT T9650R Two Way Radio

I am in the same boat he is, not really, but I am looking to buy two radios that I can get the furtherest range out of. I was hunting the other day and the radios I have now were out of range so I had to use my cell phone, and I did not like that. The ones I have found are these, or I was thinking about doing something that I could use a repeater and place it inbetween us. Any other suggestions? And the places we go are wooded, and some are hilly, depends on where we decide to go. Price is not really an issue because I also use these radios for other things.

I have 4 sets of Moto T9500XLR using em for hunting. Range in the area (of rather dence bush veld) varies from +/- 3/4 mile to 5 miles, obviously dependent on each radio (hunter) location. What is comforting is the fact that if hunters are within ‘line of fire’, coms will be possible.
A saftey procedure that we (as a group) follow is to swich on and give each a turn to PTT and ensure that all others receive, then keep them switched before we scatter .
Also ensure that all sets are fully charged.
In order to be as quiet as possable, we only use vibrating mode and because headsets reduces your ability to hear surrounding noises (like game moving arround etc) we do not use or require these. To ensure detecting a vibrating call, we clip these to lanyards arround the neck and carry them in the shirt top pocket.
Happy talking etc…etc…

Have you considered the Garmin rino series. They start at about $ 200.00 and go the whole way to $ 400.00 for the Garmin rino 530 HCX. These radios are UHF GMRS with the added convenience of a GPS built into the two way radio. As you walk in the woods and talk to others with the same type radios they can see where you are on the map. An icon and user name appears on the screen and moves as you move.

I know thats a lot of money but if you want the best, and the ability to find someone who is lost or needs assistance, this is a no brainer. The only difference in the radios is the amount of memory and mono VS color map screen.

You purchase topo or street maps for the radio and this gives you added details of your surroundings as provided by the USGS. Personally I have owned the lesser models but now have the top of the line 530 HCX which gives me the ability of placing memeory cards with preloaded maps into the device.

The radios you have posted are going to be your best bet just make sure to get some ear peices also that way you will be silent.
ear pieces if not included when you get the radios are 20.00 or so. if you are going to be using them for more then 8 hours get some
AA batteries so when your main battery dies you will have a back up.