Radios for Event Company

Hi All,

I’m looking for two way radios with some specific features, mainly with the following features:

[li]Can charge a cell phone via USB cable
[/li][li]Can play music via an audio source (iPod, radio, etc)

I’m not even sure this is possible, but I figured this was the place to post about it. We produce events in rugged terrain and don’t have very rigorous protocol for radio communications most of the time. But we work solo across decent distances and wanted to stream radio to everyone. Cell phone charging would be nice since we very rarely have power sources and could use a boost now and again.

Thoughts? Thanks for the help.


Hi Swiss,
Unfortunately, I have never seen a radio that can charge another device using it’s power via USB or any other cable. I know most radios can take alkaline battery packs and they do make those mini “cell phone chargers” that consist of a AA battery and cell phone charging cable.

As for the music, another disappointment: No radio is configured to play music through its transmitter that I know of. Probably because the frequencies that are used for transmitting voice communications and programmed into commercial and consumer two-way radios are prohibited by the FCC from transmitting constant music. A Two-Way radio is transceiver design to transmit and receive messages. If you want to transmit music you would invest in a transmitter that is designed only to transmit voice or music. Then you would program it to a licensed frequency for transmitting voice and music only.


Hi Swiss, the closest thing to a two way radio that can do this is the Midland XT511. It is an emergency two way radio but it does have a USB port that is capable of charging other devices such as cell phones. It also has five power options, including Alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, AC, 12v DC and an emergency hand crank.

It also has an AM/FM radio built into it as well as a built in FRS/GMRS two way radio and a NOAA weather radio. It will not broadcast music but it will receive AM/FM music stations.

I have one of these radios and have used it when the power goes out. It comes in handy when you are hiking in the woods or on camping trips.

Hey Rick, thanks so much. This is what I’m looking for! Thanks for sending my way.