Radio's for construction company

I work for a general contractor & I have been put in charge of getting two-way radios, of which I know nothing about. Glad I found this website! What Jon would like is 6 to 8 radios that are rechargeable, waterproof & we need to be able to have them work inside a building while he may be in the construction trailer. Probably something that would work up to 4-5 miles apart would be nice too. Perhaps I am asking for the world…I just don’t know! :eek:

Everything but the 4-5 miles part is certainly doable. Danny can tell you what your best choices are.

Have you looked into a business band license? That is the best way to go. Other wise you are limited to “cheaper” radios and only 500mW on FRS.

Look at any “real” construction company or retail chain. They all hold licenses and use business bands with commercial radios. Not cheap but will always work and last nearly forever.

MURS is another (license free) choice but good radios are getting hard to find. Also the 2 watt limit may hinder you depending on terrain. I have two MURS22’s and wish I could find more at the same price I paid. It was not much for commercial quality radios.

Thanks for the information. The 4 to 5 mile range isn’t set in stone, just on the wish list. Seems this search is not going to be as simple as was first thought!

The most powerful handheld radios you will find are 4-5 watts, and they can reasonably deliver 2-3 miles of range (depending on terrain). If you need more range than this you will likely need to look into getting a repeater.