Radios for car club

Hi all, new to this forum and know pretty much zero about two ways. I belong to a Miata car club in the Kansas City area and we are looking for some small hand held radios to use on our runs for the lead and tail cars. Have some now but they are not very good. We generally are not more then 2 miles apart (usally less then a mile) all depends if we have 6 or 26 cars going. Alot of the roads are treed (?), curvy and at times in hills. Any suggestions? Thanks - Roy

St. Louis Corvette Club also has many road trips where we need communication between cars. Seems like everyone has a different brand of FRS radio and some hear well and others do not. Range is “in sight” only. A lot of message relaying and repeating goes on. Using privacy channels is difficult.

We tried the TriSquare eXRS and the range was poor. Once the radios lost “sync” we had to be very close to re-establish talk.

The Cobra LI7200 have a good rating for car to car distance. We used the Cobra LI7000 on a trip in the Smoky Mtns. and had clear talk for about a mile.

A couple of us have standard CB radios. With the plastic body, we have to use a no-groundplane (boat) antenna which limits power. A mile or two range is maximum. The Miata might get better range with the metal body. Cobra has a model with all controls in the microphone which takes up little space. Antenna matching is tricky but increases range.