Radios for a retirement facility

We have a 8 acres retirement facility with 5, 5 stories concrete buildings and 12 one story cottage buildings. Currently we are using VHF Motorola’s XTN XV2100and in the last building they are loosing reception. They are giving up anyways, so we need to replace them. Based on the comments on this forum i chose the DTR410 sec. gen., 'cos we do not have the license. Any comments or suggestions will help me a lot. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Good choice. If you spend some time programming, you can even set up your own personal “net” with several smaller private subgroups.

Let me know if you have any specific questions when you first get them.

The one big difference you will notice is that UHF will tend to work better through concrete than VHF, and the digital transmissions will be VERY clear and readable when within range. The other thing you will notice is that you will receive no transmissions when they are out of range. Because they are digital, they work with 100% clarity or not at all. There is nothing in between.

Let us know your experiences when you get them. As far as unlicenced business radios are concerned, this is exactly the application that is ideal for the DTR series radio. They are not cheap but they have a very high audio output, good speakers and are water and shock resistant.

You can also download the free software from Motorola and program them on a Windows computer if you buy the accessory programming cable, or you can accomplish the same thing with the optional mini-keyboard.

But keep in mind that “programming” on these means you can name them something more specific, and set up specific names for your private and public groups. You don’t need to do any programming if you don’t want; you simply unpack them and turn them on and they will work fine. You can set up groups and change channels right from the radio keypad.

You might want to think about changing from the default channel 1 when you get them though. And don’t forget to change each radio to the same channel and the same ID number.

Let us know how you like them.

How big is the facility you are looking to cover with the radios?

Like mentioned previously, the DTR410 (or DTR550) will do very well inside building because the higher frequencies penetrate walls and floors better. They are also nice because you don’t have a license, the DTR radios can be used without a license and you will probably never receive interference with them.

The XV2100 radios you are currently using are VHF frequencies and do well outdoor around bushes and trees but not very well inside buildings :frowning: