Radiooddity GC5 Help

I spent hours prior to this radios arrival creating a massive file with hundred of repeaters etc
only to learn that I have to read from the radio before you can work on or edit the file
so creating a file in radiooddity CPS is worthless and a waste of time once again
so my ? is how do we share files for this radio? does anyone have one to share
the radio can transfer via wireless the memories etc, but no where does it say if its one channel at a time or everything
caveat emptor comes to mind on this chinese junk

I have other Radioddity radios plus loads of other brands and I’ve never heard such a silly system? None of my other radios need to be read first? Is that something weird this one model does? I do have a few radios that have different model versions - like some kenwoods and these have some boxes missing or added depending on the exact one - so you could write a codeplug for one of those and easily select by mistake the wrong one, but I didn’t know the GC5 was like this? If you read the radio, is there something that changes in the software? What happens when you try to write? An error message of some kind?