Radioddity GC-5

Does anyone know how to unlock the Radioddity GC-5 by keypad because some of the frequencies I try to transmit on won’t work and I don’t feel like using Chrip on my Windows 11.

I dont think you can, is there an issue with windows 11 and chirp?

What frequencies are you trying? This is an amateur radio, not a GMRS radio, so if you are located in the US, it comes locked to ham bands (144-148MHz and 420-450MHz.)

All The Frequencies So I Can Listen To My Local Fire And EMS Channals

Yes My Windows 11 is Currently Broken and I’m getting it fixed as soon as possible right now I’m using my New XPS 14 DELL Laptop

You usually end up reinstalling chirp everytime you open it for the updates, so just run it on the dell

You said you wanted to transmit outside the bands that radio is licenced for. You won’t be able to transmit on those frequencies. You have a ham radio and can only receive and transmit on amateur bands. 144MHz to 148MHz and 420MHz to 450MHz.

But you are now saying you want to receive your local fire and EMS. Depending on your location, you will not be able to do that. Most police, fire and EMS are digital radios and you will not be able to receive them on your radio. Plus most police and EMS radio transmissions are encrypted, meaning no one will be able to monitor them, no matter what software you use to program.

Some amateur radios can receive outside the amateur bands, but it is very rare any fire or EMS would still be using non-trunked analog radios anymore.

If you are an amateur radio operator with a ham licence, that is a good mobile radio. If you are not a licenced ham or soon to be a licenced ham, then you bought to wrong radio. Sorry. Hope this helps.

I am a licensed ham radio operator, and some of the FIRE and EMS Frequencies are now using VHF repeaters as simulcasts. But I Still Use MY Bearcat Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2 Police Scanner and my Motorola XTS 5000 to monitor some of my local FIRE and EMS frequencies but sometimes I like to listen to the VHF simulcasts.

Got it. Thanks for the additional information. That helps a lot.

Chirp works with the GC-5. I think users are using the Baofeng UV-17Pro to connect.

Are you familiar with RT Systems programming software? RT Systems is very responsive to requests, so if you send them the VHF frequencies, they will tell you right away if you can program that into a listen-only channel. They have software for the GC-5.

Unfortunately, Radioddity does not list any VHF listen-only bands in their specs except for weather, so you may be out of luck. Some radios can be unlocked but the Baofeng and Radioddity seem to have their frequencies baked into the firmware. Playing with firmware is a good way to possibly brick a radio.

You might have to stick to your Bearcat for those frequencies. If you want to go handheld, maybe look for a Part 90 (business band) radio.

Okay Thanks For Telling Me about the RT Systems and I Might look for a part 90 radio.