Radioddity Bans the UK

Here in the UK, the Radioddity brand is effectively dead! Got it confirmed this morning in an email.

Hello Paul,

I am really sorry, we are not able to provide shipping to the UK.

Note - not even an “at the moment”, so they will supply to Europe and the US, but not the UK. The GD77 was a great radio, then supplies got tricky, then totally gone! I’m looking at how viable it is to source product from France, but they now have the customs issues, so not sure if it will work at the old prices.

I wonder if this is connected to Good Old King Boris insisting companies outside the UK now have to work as unpaid UK Government tax collectors?
Pretty much everything has a 20% surcharge on it now, the seller has to collect this fee and forward it to Boris and his henchmen.
I suspect this might be the issue here?

This is already causing me supply problems - Aliexpress, for example don’t seem to have got a UK VAT number yet, and many of my small quantity suppliers will no longer supply the UK - I’ve had arrangements with a number of long time suppliers where they sell on aliexpress, and I get some extra discount for large orders. I cannot get batteries at all - even if I go over the limit. for me, the snag is Aliexpress are adding the 20% VAT which does prevent parcel force or DHL charging £12 to receive a parcel the they have paid the VAT on your behalf but I cannot recover the 20% without a VAT invoice! Even worse a number of American sellers will no longer sell to the UK for the same reasons. They are not going to register for VAT for a one-off transaction and just won’t bother. I have no idea why the Government have done this. Sure, you either pay VAT here on import, or when you buy it - so there’s no difference in revenue. It doesn’t matter on my high value imports, nothing changes there, but If I buy a cable, the downside to me is I lose the VAT charged. I cannot claim it, but when I sell it I must charge it. To a consumer, it won’t matter. ■■■■ silly!