radio transmits when bumped


Re: Oricom PMR1200 2way UHF radio.
Problem: a slight tap on the unit or even a brisk movement causes it to go into transmit mode.
Inspection of the circuit board shows no obvious loose component or evidence of previous trauma.
Forum’s thoughts would be appreciated.

Off hand, there are a few things that come to mind.

While the PTT button may in fact look good there is always the chance the spring loaded button broke in the housing and is just resting in there so the slight movement causes the contacts to connect.

There may be a loose or bad capacitor that is used to cancel any switch bounce that may occur in the PTT circuit.

Trouble shooting the button should be easy if you have the radio apart already, but replacing the cap / finding it can be a bit more work…

Of course there may be a simple answer here as well?

Good start anyway. Thanks