Radio Suggestion for Wedding Photographers

I am looking for any recommendations for a radio for a wedding photographer. For some venues, we can be on different floors of a high-rise hotel or on opposite ends of large resorts.

I was using GMRS Midland radios until one broke. The reception was sketchy at best.

My main question is why would I go with say a 1 watt UHF commercial radio instead of a 5 watt GMRS consumer radio? Is 1 watt of UHF better than 5 watts of GMRS? Will UHF work better through buildings, etc?

Obviously the commercial radios are a LOT more expensive, so they must work better, right?

I don’t think durability is an issue since my last consumer radios lasted over two years.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Uh… Sorry about my obvious newbie question.

I see now that GMRS is UHF.

So now I am even more confused. Why is the Motorola CLS so much more expensive than a GMRS consumer radio?


Because it is a busniess radio… plain and simple.

There is an ICOM commercial radio and a GMRS model… The GMRS model is over $100 less… the only difference… the built in programming! (and a “talk around” button) THe F21GM can be reprogrammed for commercial frequencies… legally, if you have the software and know the procedure.

My amateur handhelds have commercial counterparts… these again (the commercial models) cost over $100 more than the non-commercial units.

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