Radio Shack 19-903

I have two new in the box (used once for a cross country drive) Radio Shack 15 channel 5 watt GMRS model 19-903 radios. Can anyone tell me what they might be worth as I don’t need them anymore. Thanks.

I figured at least one person would have been interested in buying an almost NIB pair of the “MOST POWERFUL RADIO SHACK GMRS RADIOS KNOWN TO MAN” well if you change your mind, please feel free to contact me. Have a great weekend.

Do you still have these?

Does anyone have a radio shack, 15 channel, model #19-903, two-way radio for sale?

hello, do you still have the radio shack, two-way radio, 15 channel, model #19-903?

This thread is nearly five years old.