Radio settings help

I have a Vertex VX 354. When I listen to my radio on the scan feature it sounds likes its skipping when recieving. Is there a way to fix this? Also, is there a setting that can be changed to stop the radio from beeping before and after recieving? What is the on and off-duty setting? Thanks for the help

Hey mctomos17,

  1. The “skipping” is presumably your radio checking your priority channel while scanning. Most radios have the ability to set a priority channel: the channel you do not want to miss any transmissions on. Without priority scan, if the radio stops on channel 7 to listen to radio traffic, you will miss transmissions on the other channels until the radio goes back into scanning mode. When you set a priority channel and enable priority scanning, your radio will periodically “check back” on your priority channel even when it is listening to other transmissions. If the priority channel displays activity the radio will automatically jump to the priority channel and you should never miss a radio call.

In the programming you can decide what your priority channel is and how often you want the radio to check back on it (0-5000 milliseconds). This will determine how often you hear the skipping.

  1. The beep at the end and beginning of the transmission can definitely be turned off. I would assume it is some sort of signalling or roger beep. The VX-354 does not come stock with MDC1200 (Motorola’s signalling protocol) so I would think it is DTMF signalling or roger beep/request to talk tone. Check for it in the software there is usally options for PRE (before transmision), POST (after transmission), or BOTH.

  2. Not too sure about this feature:confused: