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Hi guys,

I’ve been asked on behalf of a friend (currently on vacation with no Internet access) to see if anyone knows a radio brand that is what he’s looking for.

Basically he’s looking for a Radio, that has the Speaker Mic plug in on top, similar to this video.

If you look closely, at the person in the red shirt, their speaker mic, is plugged into the top of the radio.
He doesn’t know what type of plug is being used in that video.

He’s looking for a radio with a plug on top, as he thinks that getting my radio (In my signature) and using a speaker mic for his application, will cause unnecessary stress on the cord, right at the plug, and that it will inevitably end up breaking or something similar, way sooner then it should.

He’s not looking for a radio similar to the one in that video, he’s just looking for one with a plug-in on top.

If anyone can help me, help him, then great! :slight_smile:



It would help to know what your friend plans to use the radio for. There are legality issues involved in different brands and types of radios.

Some radio services require licenses, others do not but have specific frequency and power output limitations. Also, frequencies are allocated for specific services and the FCC requires that radios be certified for some services.

He plans on using it when he joins a local Citizens On Patrol program.
Same use the person with the red shirt is using it for
He would also be using it for airsofting when wearing his tactical vest

Hi Knight Rider, before we can suggest radios, we need to know what radio service he needs to use. If he is searching for an FRS/GMRS radio, nearly all of the Cobra FRS/GMRS radios have an audio jack on the top. One Uniden model, the GMR1636-2C, has a port on the top as well. Most other consumer FRS/GMRS radios have ports on the side.

A MURS or handheld CB radio with a top audio jack may be tougher to find. All of the models I can think of have jacks on the side. The same is true with a lot of ham radios.

You may find a larger selection of business radios with audio accessory ports on top, but I don’t think a business radio is what he’s searching for.

He said if he could find a radio similar to the Puxing PX-888K one I have, that’d be good, but with a port on top.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t given me much to work with, other then the video I linked in the first post.

The Puxing is a ham radio. Is he a licensed amateur radio operator?

I don’t think so
He has a Puxing PX-888K apparently, for when he’s not in an airsoft game and not using his vest, to communicate with other people who are participating in the airsoft match.
He got it from the same site I did, and he got it because the site said nothing about requiring a license, as if it did, he never would’ve gotten it in the first place.

Then he can’t use it. There radios are approved ONLY for amateur radio licensees, and business licensees.

I suppose, I maybe, should have mentioned earlier, that me & my friend, are not in the U.S.
We are both in Canada.

Based on this page, a license is only needed, if we plan on using our radios in the States.

As I said in my previous post, I’m not intending to be disrespectful, but if the Puxing PX-888K was a Ham Radio, I would think they would put it on the product page of the site we both got ours from.

However, I will email the site I got it from, and ask if it is a HAM Radio or not. :slight_smile:

No, you are completely wrong. This radio is ONLY for amateur (licenced HAM operators ONLY) and business users (operating under a specified frequency with a business licence.) You cannot under any circumstances use these legally in the U.S. or Canada without the appropriate licence.

Your link pointed to GMRS radios. GMRS radios are licence-free in Canada but they are limited to 2 watts of power. These radios exceed that power, and are thus not legal for use on either the FRS or GMRS bands. There are no bands on this radio that allow you legal licence-free operation.

You realize that your illegal use of these radios while playing your airsoft games with your toy guns is not just potentially and illegally interfering with business users, legal FRS and GMRS users … it could also be interfering with potential search and rescue operations or operations required for the safe operation of workplaces or vessels.

Industry Canada (formerly Department of Communications) takes these violations VERY seriously. You are potentially interfering with people’s lives. If you are caught, you will be charged with a criminal offence, and lest you thing that is nothing, wait until you find it it will eliminate any jobs in the future involving security clearances (such as law enforcement) or any jobs involving trust (such as handling money.) With a criminal record, you will also be turned away at the border, so no more vacations in the U.S. with your family.

Unlike your contention that you were not warned, every ad I see for this radio in Canada or the U.S. states very clearly it is only for amateur (HAM) or business use.

We suggest you either get a proper HAM licence to continue to operate these radios, or you get consumer radios to play with your toy guns. There are lots of good GMRS radios on the market, and trust me, you are not impressing anyone with your pretend military-type radios and microphones. (Especially when the moment you push the transmit button might bring Industry Canada and the police to your location, and have them seize ALL the radios from all your friends.)

I am sure you are also aware that many airsoft firearms are prohibited devices in Canada as well, and the action of simply taking a legal airsoft gun and painting it to look more real might constitute “manufacturing a prohibited device.” Why take a chance on your hobby and your career?

Canada is about to approve MURS, and 900 MHz FHSS radios are legal there too, but for your purposes, a good GMRS radio should do just fine.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread.