Radio Power 4W vs .5W

What advantage is a 4Watt radio over say a .5Watt radio? I am looking at a mortorcycle comm system and some folks are telling me I won’t get any further distance with a 4W than I would get with a radio that specs out at .5W. I am looking at the ProTalk line…3302 vs 3301

Also why is UHF better than VHF?

Thanks for the help!!

You have about twice the range with a 4 watt radio over one with .5 watts, and also the clarity of the broadcast will be much better. You will also have more “punch through” when around obstacles such as buildings, so less signal blocking.

The 3301 is a light business radio that is designed to be used all day, the low power (.5 watts) makes the battery last a long time, and is built for business that do not need much range (about .5 mile). The 3302 is a heavy duty business radio that is MIL-SPEC and will get 2 or more miles.

VHF is good for out in the open but can be blocked by obstructions. UHF has a bit less range out in the open, but has the ability to penetrate through walls and such much easier. Most people go with UHF. The people we find that still want VHF tend to use radios on very flat open land such as farmers or those out on a large body of water. A few years back VHF radios tended to have much more range than UHF radios, but that is not as true anymore.