Radio Panels - multiple bands / channels

Hi all,

I’m looking at installing a radio system here that is going to be a bit more efficient than the current system.

We currently use standalone desk-mounted radios, which are bulky and expensive, we have multiple antennas, multiple radios, etc etc.

When I was working for an airline in Australia, we used this system:
We had the 960SC12, which was great, allowed for monitoring multiple channels, was very simple to use, and removed the need to have up to 10 separate radios on the desk.

I’ve tried to contact them, email bounces, phone number is invalid, and website hasn’t been updated in years.

Anyone know if they still exist?

OR, even better, are there any other products that you can suggest to do a similar role?

We need:
1 Desk - single HF channcel
5 Desks - 2 x HF, 2 x VHF, 2 x UFH.

Appreciate any help that you can provide.