Radio Frequency Confusion

I work for a farm and our FCC issued frequency is 154.61 and I would like to program our own radios, but I am confused because the radios that we order are in the 400-470mhz range. Any clarification or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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First, are you currently using these radios, or have you just ordered them? Are the radios you order the same make and model? What is it?

Second. how long have you had the assigned frequency? Was it just assigned or have you been using it on other radios in the past?

Your FCC issued frequency is on the VHF band. 400-470MHz is in the UHF band, so you won’t be able to use those radios for your assigned frequency.

Thanks for the fast response, we are currently using RCA RDR2500 handheld and BRM300D radios in the 400-470 mhz range. We have had our FCC frequency since 2013. This is why I am confused, we have ordered radios from dtwr (discount two-way radio) and they come programmed, is there a chance that they just assign us a frequency in the 400-470mhz range?

Good question. These are digital radios, and there are UHF and VHF versions of each model. As a competitor, and for full disclosure, I’m neither promoting or critiquing them, just responding to the question.

If you are sure you have the UHF and not the VHF models, then they are certainly not programmed to your assigned VHF frequency. If that’s the case, I would advise you to contact the dealer to find out what frequency you are actually using, and why, since you would probably prefer to be using the frequency you are authorized for and that you paid a license for.

It’s a very good question indeed.

That’s what I did, I’m just waiting for a response