Radio clicker interferance

My special needs son rides to from school in one of those little yellow school buses you see everywhere. There are about a 100 or so of these buses in my city.

The problem is that some anonymous driver or drivers who is clicking or pressing their mic button when dispatch is trying to legitimately communicate with another driver. The drivers say this happens everyday and they have no way of tracing who the offender is. I’m concerned as a parent because this interference could potentially present a safety issue. Dispatch uses a single frequency for 100 plus buses. 462.150MHz.

Is there a way to put some kind of a simple id or unique tone on these bus radios so the company dispatch can figure out who the offender is?


It really depends on the type of radios or trunking system that is being used. Many high end programmable business radios (which I assume the buses are using) have the ability to transmit a radio ID along with a transmission. Receiving radios (if they have a display) can be setup to display this ID. This feature is rarely used with standard radios, but the communications company that handles the bus radios should be aware of it, and may be able to enable it if asked.