Radio Advice Needed for Event Work


I own a videography business out of Kansas City, Missouri.

In order to help you pros suggest a setup I’ve listed my requirements below.

Range: Able to communicate reliably inside of a building. Usually a church, hotel, or reception hall.

VOX: The radio must have the VOX feature as well as an adjustable VOX activator.

External Inputs: VOX Mic + Headphones

Essentially I need something my assistant and I can use to communicate while doing videography for an event. The most important time is during the ceremony of a wedding. We need a radio that is VOX actived with a adjustable activator so I can speak lightly into the headset and have my assistant be able to hear me and vise versa. A full deplex system would be best… but I don’t think I have the budget for that. I’ve looked at eartec but their range is unacceptable.

If anyone could suggest a radio setup and headsets I would greatly appreciate it. My budget is around ~ $250 total.

Best regards,

Jordan Berry

Edit: Right now I’m looking at the Midland GXT-900-VP4 and Midland AVP-1 Microphone Headsets

i would suggest getting some professional grade radios for example motorola CLS1110 or the Motorola XU2600 both also allow you to add external mics or ear pieces

avalible here:

You can try. Youll have plenty of PlastX in the kit to work with. But honestly it looks like a bit of wetsanding is in order.