Radio accessories

My Aquarists keep dropping their radios in the water! I want to get something like a lanyard to attach the radios to them , yet still be able to be used. And we use 2 different brands here. My motorolas don’t have a place for a loop or clip. Any suggestions?

What type of radios do you use? How loud is the environment where they are being used? How much talking do they actually do on the radios?

Depending on size and weights of the radios you could use a case that will accept a lanyard clip. I was in law enforcement for a long time and we use belt holsters and eventually shoulder mics.

I worked in a power plant for 35+ years and no one is harder on radios than power plant operators. We had leather holsters and shoulder mics but the holsters on our belts made it difficult to work in some of the tight quarters we found ourselves in and the loud environment made the shoulder mics difficult for good communications. We did have one set of noise reduction headphones with a boom mic but those were only usable in certain specific circumstances. We ended up carrying the radios in our back pockets. That method had its own set of downfalls.

I like belt clips the best. We were not allowed to have anything hanging around our necks (lanyards) for safety reasons. You could see if anyone makes a vinyl/plastic case that has a belt clip or lanyard hole. Some of our Motorola blet clip had a hole for a lanyard clip even though we didn’t use them that way. Good luck.

A good solution is marine radios - they float and are totally water proof. Most can be reprogrammed to VHF frequencies available in your country. I’ve got some people at a boatyard doing this - I’ve removed all the marine channels apart from one they use for launches, plus they have their usual radio repeater channel. Most have clips and lanyards in the box.

This is what I really want. Though convincing anyone to spend the money is like pulling teeth when you work for the government. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The environment is mostly quiet, unless they’re in the pump rooms. They have clips. But the temps are fumbling the radios when they pull them off the belt to talk. One has dropped 3 radios and is now banned from having one. I’m considering CIA style ear pieces so that they don’t have to lift them. But having that in your ear for hours is terrible. I know from experience. The shoulder mics might work for them.

There are IP67 radios that are waterproof, but sink - that are pretty tough. Trouble is some people just mangle radios!

Tell me about it. I’ve had one run over by our bobcat. Dropped out of moving Gator carts…

Shoulder mics are the best solution if the environment is not too noisy. The surveillance headset would also work if you replace the standard ear plug with an ear mold. It makes a huge difference in comfort and you can hear ambient noise just fine. An ear mold, when worn properly, does not block the ear canal.

I routinely wear a surveillance headset with an ear mold for 12 hours straight.

You will need to get the right size mold (most men are medium and most women are small) and follow the diagram to make sure it is placed in the ear correctly.