Race engine interference

My son races 2 stroke karts in the UK and we have bought a couple of Alan 456r radios with headsets to use on practice days, headset and push to talk button fitted to the steering wheel. We are getting a lot of interference from the 2 stroke race engines. What can we do to suppress the interference?


Resistor type plugs . I know that you probably use a peticular plug with a certain heat range but you may find a resistor plug in the same range. Also a thicker shielded 8.5 mm helically wound core plug wire will help. MSD makes these for all applications. I used to get a lot of interference on my radios when I ran a magneto with solid core wires on my dragboat.

OMG! That’s like having someone standing in front of you screaming while trying to use the radio. :eek: :smiley: