Questions about Vertex Standard

1)I want to get a VX 354. Is this a good radio?
2)Also, I would like to be able to listen to fire and police calls in my town. Will i be able to do so after programming frequencies?
3) Next, I have a friend across town that has one of these radios. He seems to like it but im just wondering if I will be able to talk to him without getting fined by the FCC since I do not have a license.
4) I know that some GMRS radios have set aside FRS Frequencies that you are permitted to talk on without a license. Is the VX-354 this type of radio?
5) Will the FCC catch me if i do not have a license and I am operating this radio?
PS, I do NOT want to talk on police channels. Please do not respond with answers saying I am going to talk on the police channels.

Just buy a scanner. These radios are not legal for FRS or GMRS use. They do not have the proper type acceptance.

We take following FCC regulations very seriously here. Your question 5) insinuates you are not concerned with FCC regs. (or are not educated on them fully)

Please continue to ask questions. You seem to be a radio newcomer, and may not know all the “ins and outs”.

  1. The Vertex Standard VX-354 is a great little radio! It is a very compact size, has a good grip, and provides a host of features at a good price. Older vertex radios could be considered “OK” but all of the recent models they are manufacturing offer a tremendous value over competing “name brands”. Vertex was bought out by Motorola just a few yrs ago. Although Motorola owns 80% of the company, it is still run by the original vertex owners which care for their product and their customers.
    Don’t forget Vertex has one of the best warranties: 3 YEARS!

  2. Yes, if you have a dealer program the correct frequencies you can listen to the police if you like. The dealer will be responsible for making sure it is programmed to RECEIVE ONLY and not transmit. The range of the VX-354 is:
    UHF 380-470 OR 450-512mhz
    VHF 134-174mhz

  3. You will not be able to talk to your friend without a license. You and your friend have to decide whether you are conducting business or personal communications, and get the appropriate license from there.

  4. The VX-354 cannot operate on FRS frequencies. The FRS LICENSE FREE frequencies have two restrictions which make it almost impossible to program into commercial grade radios like the VX-354.

    1. FRS frequencies are limited to 1/2 watt
    2. Radios transmitting on FRS frequencies must NOT have a removable antenna
  5. This cannot really be answered definitively. What I can tell you is that if you are caught the FCC is not very forgiving with their penalties. Last time I checked the minimum fee was $8,000.

Welcome to world of radios! Enjoy the adventure and yes, continue to ask questions and educate yourself.