Questions about TriSquare eXRS and headsets

My brother and I just picked up a pair of the TSX300’s for our airsoft (like paintball sort-of) games and they seem to work great… except with the included headsets. Even with the volume maxed out we can barely make out what each other are saying.

I’m used to a uniden frs/gmrs with a boom mic headset (like this: )
where I wear the radio on my chest in a perfect spot for me to reach up and grab the radio and press the PTT with my thumb. I’ve essentially become used to having a nice distinct button to press when I speak, where as the little in-line PTT button doesn’t really work for me (although the mushy PTT’s on the side of the motorola talkabouts we have are much worse).

I’m wondering if it’s possible to recreate this functionality with the eXRS radios, where I can wear the mic and then use the button on the radio itself to talk. I tried my uniden mic and it fits in and apparantly makes the radio transmit continuously (but according to my brother, it sounds great compared to the included headsets!).

Those uniden headsets won’t work at all with the motorola talkabouts that the rest of our teammates use, so I was hoping maybe it was just a brand problem.

I’ve looked at these sorts of things:

Where there’s a nice big button that I can press, but it would be useless unless I could also have an earbud hooked into it (I saw one online someplace that allowed me to do that but I couldn’t tell if it would work with the motorola style radios).

I’m not interested in throat mics as in my experience they aren’t very good; if I want something that I can barely hear with, I’d just use the included headsets for free.

I see some ear pieces with lapel mics with ptt in line in the store related to this site that will probably work, but that will be my last resort option as I don’t want to be grasping around in the middle of a fight to find my dinky little transmit button and make sure it’s held in right while I speak and hope I don’t pull the earbud out of my ear in the process because the cord is tangled up on my gear. My sling likes to tug on the set-up I have now bad enough when I’m running around to add too many wires into the mix.

I appreciate any insight, suggestions, or help that anyone can offer. You’ll probably be saving the local radioshack employees a lot of grief from me going in and trying out two dozen options, ha. Thanks in advance!


You may want to look at the XLT XM300-MT. It is a shoulder mic, but it has a 3.5mm port. This port accepts standard sized headphones / earbuds, (iPod earbuds, for example, would work).