questions about these long distance 2-way radios

Can these two way radios really talk for up to so many miles as they say. Like if I bought a set of ones that say they can talk over 20 miles does that mean that if I’m in the city and it has tall buildings will I be able to talk to whom ever I need to talk too.

Radios such as the Motorola or the Midland, Uniden I’m thinking Motorola would be the best but any information would be helpful.

Next how good are these VHF 2 Watt 2 Channel radios and are they any different then the UHF 4 Watt 16 Channel radios

I believe in the saying that you get what you pay for so if I spend about $100.00 for a set of two radios is it worth it or should I pay $150.00 and up on each radio or should I get both just to be on the save side. On the UHF and the VHF I see that most of them are Motorola so what would be the best to get VHF or UHF also these are Business two-way radios these VHF and UHF radios.

Any assistance will be helpful

Most of the time you will only get about 1-2 miles range. You might get 20 in very specific situations such as someone at the top of a hill out in the desert. There is a way to get 20 miles and that is through the use of a repeater system. (

The type of radio will depend on the use. If they are for your personal use then all of the top-end GMRS (UHF) radios get about the same range (1-2 miles). Where they differ is in the type of features and how rugged they are. We find Midland to be the most durable, and like the features on the Cobra radios. We have a review section here that might help you decide further.

Another route some people go is to have commercial grade radios programmed to use GMRS frequencies. You get a bit more clarity and range because the business radios are engineered much better. You also get a much tougher radio, and the batteries last longer. A 2 watt business radio is better than a 5 watt consumer radios because it is that much more efficient.

If the radios are for business use, then with some exceptions, you must use business and not consumer radios. You first need to get a license (we can help with that). VHF radios really only work outdoors in the open but have a bit better range then UHF. UHF is used indoors and around a lot of obstructions such as hills and woods. We are seeing a slow move toward UHF only though since the slight advantage VHF has in range is lessening.

For a basic GMRS radio most people like these:

For commercial grade radios go with Icom or Kenwood: