Questions about the RF Hack Stick

I’m very new to the inner workings of radios and I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can comfortably chew without help. I’ve got an RFHS kit and a pile of parts and computer components. It’s going to stay a pile until I listen to some good advice. My goals for the build are something that can manage RDF triangulation, multi-frequency transmit and recieve (I am working on my HAM, I’m not planning on rocking any boats), and the capability to record some of the cool natural radio music (the aurora, the core singing, etc.)
Any advice?

The MountainBum
Edit: As a note, the RDF functionality is for Airsoft, everyone runs comms now and having a radio trailer in the parking lot with 2 or 3 directional antennae that can monitor chatter and call out positions sounds like a wonderful advantage. The multi freq talk and listen is so the other team can’t listen in to our squad chatter.
Edit 2: I genuinely know all of jack about Linux, coding, or anything with more than a basic board. I’m an equipment tech specializing in industrial and commercial trash compactors, cardboard bailers, and AMF pinspotters. High tech for me is an ice-cube relay. This is a way for me to catch up with the 21st century so please use basic terminology, I won’t get offended I’m here to learn.
Edit 3: just to save time if this isn’t something that’s come up before, here’s the website 1mhz to 6ghz seems like decent range compared to the Cobra CBs I use now.

As an update, my buddy sent me a bunch of relevant Linux libraries and he’s helping me on the coding end. Any hardware reccomendations for antennas or PC components?