Questions about bike application

I am looking for a 2-way for a motorcycle application. I want:
-a quality solution that will work well.
-small and light enough to cary easily
-clear voice transmission
-noise/wind canceling mic
-possible future intigration with Autocom intercom system
-Would there be an advantage to the motorola CP series

So far my search seems to be pointing toward the XTN XV2100.
Is this a valid solution?
Does the HM200-MB1 headset work well with minimizing wind noise?
Are you aware of compatible VOX headsets that can be used in a helmet?
Can mike and speakers connect seperate or is it thu a single connector?
Do you price match or offer a volume discount for QTY(3)?
Will the stock frequencies be ok for non licenced use?

Thanks, Derrek

The radio will work great. depending on how much distance you are looking for, you could even use a standard frs/gmrs radio, such as a motorola talkabout series radio. As far as VOX goes… not really good with motorcycle applications. the motorcylce helmet kits have a ptt button that you mount on your handle bar with velcro.

do you use a full face helmet? if so, you will not have to worry about windnoise. but if you dont, that is going to be a factor.