Dear Members,
I want to buy FRS/GMRS radio for talking in city area would you please guide me witch model is beter?Puxing PX-328 UHF or Uniden 20 mile

The Puxing is illegal to use in the USA, and the Uniden (any of them), like all other GMRS/FRS radios, will get 1/2-2 miles.

Marketing Hype is just that, Hype. You will not get more than 4 miles at best, unless one or both ends are standing on substantial hills or other high spots.

Small edit added, missed that he’s out of US. UAE Rules could be anything.

Not sure what the laws for radio usage are in the UAE. We also do not have experience with the Puxing models so we have no real opinion. Uniden makes a rather good radio though.

Found a legal sheet from the UAE:

Within it:

4.5 General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Family Radio Service (FRS) operating
in the frequency range of 462.55-467.725 MHz are not allowed in the
UAE as the band 450-470 MHz is reserved for Government use.

Note that PMR446 is not an unlicensed service there, either. It requires licensing like any other Land Mobile radio service.

This appears to be the ONLY ‘non-licensed’ service in the UAE:

4.9 Class Authorization can be applied for land mobile radios (LPD433) in the
433.05-434.79 MHz with maximum radiated power of 10 mW and for land mobile
radios (SRD860) in the 868-870 MHz with maximum radiated power of 5
mW in accordance with the TRA regulations for Short range devices.

Here’s a link to the official Private Mobile Radio rules in the UAE.

The home for the UAE regulators, and the site has plenty of fine info, is at: