Question on using more than 2 radios

Any info you can share would be great since very new to this. My question is we have 4 families each in a RV so relatively close to each other on seasonal campground sites. We thought 2 way radios/walkie talkies would help keep us connected when we are inside the campers. If we purchased 2 sets (each setting having 2 radios) can they all work together? Is it just a matter of putting them on the same channel? And a brand recomendation would be great too! Thanks

It depends on what you mean by “relatively close”. If you are stationary and parked in the same campground that is not heavily wooded and are in close proximity to each other, such as about 50-800 ft., a handheld FRS/GMRS radio such as a Motorola MH230 or MR350R should work. The MH230TPR is a great value as it comes in a three pack with headsets.

If it’s a heavily wooded area with a lot of other RVs and campers or you are spread out a lot farther than about a quarter mile, you will probably need a more powerful GMRS radio such as a Midland GXT760 or GXT1000.

If you just need to communicate while in the RV and don’t really need to use a handheld, you may want to consider installing mobile CB radios instead. A basic CB radio such as the Uniden Pro510XL is a reliable and inexpensive option.

FRS and GMRS radios use pre-assigned channels, so as long as everyone is on the same channel you should be able to communicate with each other no matter which brand and model radios you use. CB radios operate on different frequencies than FRS and GMRS, so if you decide to go CB, everyone will need to use a CB radio.

We reviewed several of the radios mentioned above on The Two Way Radio Show. These reviews may help you decide what features and performance you may need or want in a two way radio.

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