Question on Radios

Hello there.

Found this forum by coincidence, and glad I did!

I’m sure its been asked before in different ways, but I am looking for a pair of radios for a specific use.

I have a Starcom1 system for a pair of motorcycles and it has a 1-pin adapter with mic and headset contacts on it. I know motorolas will fit and most cobra radios.

Any reccomendations on either brand as to what has the clearest audio and decent range? I’m not looking for 20 mile distances, 5 is the most and honestly we’ll probably never get past a mile on the open road from each other. But the primary concern is how well it comes through, the starcom will amplify the audio and can handle the VOX and noise canceling of the wind.
Was hoping to get something with rechargable batteries but also has the ability to use standards in case I cant get them to a charger.

I’m a complete n00b to two-ways and what little experience I had with the 30-50 dollar old moto’s was less than desirable…

So penny for you’re thoughts?

I would recommend motorola radios they
have better sound and you can get motorola
accessories anywhere for them also. replacment
parts will also be cheaper too.