Question on Motorola Sport 10x

Came across a set of these the other day and was hoping someone may know of a link to the user manual and or what the output power was on these radios?


power output is 500mw… I forget the operating procedures for ctcss and frequency sewlection. These are FRS radios only.

That’s what I figured, thanks for the information!

I have a set of them, if I recall, there is a ERP of 1 watt on channels 1 - 7 and .5 watts on 8-10.

You can also change the frequency step in it, so it is not just the 10 channels offered on the dial.

All users has to be on the same channel in order for them to work properly.

They do not interface well with newer models that has more ( interference eliminator*) CTCSS codes.

Hi Folks, I have an issue that I need help with. My business uses the Motorola Sport 10x to stay in touch with each other at our facility. But we’ve grown over the years and we now have an issue. We added a steel quanset building where the business is based. We range outside 1/2 a mile or so from the building. Unless I have my radio near the end of the building where the walls are made of wood rather then steel the signals from the most remote locations are lost. Can I add a base station that will work with these or possibly an outside antenna to beat the steel building if the walkie can be adapted??? If you have any advice, don’t be shy! Thanks

Hi dutch, as others have said, the Sport 10x is a low power radio for short range communications. These old Motorola Talkabouts were designed for light recreational use and not heavier duty business applications, such as in a warehouse. Although you might be able to rig a GMRS repeater to work with these radios (which I doubt), the time and expense involved to gain a slight increase in coverage probably won’t give you a very good return on investment.

Considering your current facility and requirements, it may be time to upgrade to business radios which will give you the range and coverage you need in and around your building and scale to your operations as your business grows.

Thank you, the radios are getting a little long in the tooth anyway, but the new rec models claim all sorts of range, like 30 miles but 500 yards ties them up. We have started playing with cell phones now, but I’m not too happy with that yet. I thought when I bought them they were high enough quality to fitour needs, and they did fine for 10-12 years.but I guess it’s time.